3 Jul 2011

Monday, the day after Sunday

Do you ever just wish that Sunday didn't exist?  Sunday isn't the day of relaxation presented in coffee commercials or the "stay in bed reading the paper and snuggling" day depicted in movies.  Who has a Sunday like that?  Not me. 

My Sunday's have always been the "day of dread".  Each activity on Sunday reminds me that Monday is coming fast - laundry for the week, grocery shopping, homework.  Sunday is merely Monday's prep day. 

I need a day to get ready for the week ahead...and there's never enough time on Sunday to accomplish all that needs to be done, so a sense of panic often weaves in amongst the dread.  Is it just me?

Today was different.  I chose not to frantically scramble to get everything done.  I do have some clean clothes and can always do laundry mid-week after work.  Whoo hoo, look out -- I'm living on the edge!  (I do love that fresh smell of clean sheets...oh well, small price to pay for a bit of relaxation.)

Here's to Sunday the way it was meant to be!

For those of you out there still keeping traditions around the "day of rest", good for you!  Hang on to the sacred day, sacred not necessarily due to any religious affiliations, but sacred because you've chosen to keep it as a day for family, rest, relaxation and reflection...and even for the Sunday dinner.  Do you still have a special Sunday dinner?

When I was a little girl, even though my family didn't attend church (beyond the children going to Sunday School for a few years,) Sunday dinner was always a special meal.  I don't know why; we always ate dinner together as a family and it was always a hearty, home-cooked meal (no fast food for us), but, for some reason, Sunday dinner still held the special association that must have carried on from a time already gone by.

Raising my own daughter, I made a point to try to make big meals (that could provide a day or two of leftovers) on Sunday, partly because I could take some time to cook on Sunday, but also because there was some sense that it was special somehow.  If I had to pinpoint why, I don't think I could come up with a logical reason other than the same carry-over of a sense of the traditional "sacred" day -- even though my Sunday's have been anything but restful.

Funny how traditional beliefs and rituals slip into our everyday experiences without us even realizing it.  It's not a bad thing.  Now that my daughter is 18 and working through most dinners, I'm glad I made our dinner time a special time every now and then.  It's something to miss...and I'm thankful to have that.

This Sunday has been quiet and (thanks to this blog) rather relaxing...mission accomplished.  Hope you enjoyed your Sunday, too.  

Better go let my cats in...it's raining and I can hear one of them crying at the door.  Did I mention I have 4 cats?  No, that doesn't make me a crazy cat lady.  If that's what you're thinking, get it out of your head (...I do love my furry little family members, though -- think what you like).   

Hope you share a good meal with someone (or some "furry" one) you love some time soon. 

'til next time,

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